Odometer reading: car mileage


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Odometer reading: car mileage

07.03.2019 Car It is important to know Tips 0

How to change the mileage on the car

Despite the fact that in the yard in 2019, odometer readings on modern machines can be changed. This procedure is most often resorted to, if it is necessary to twist the mileage, in order to sell the car more profitably. Such manipulations significantly “improve” the technical condition of the car.

A few years ago, auto scammers felt good, because the vehicles used mechanical odometers, working with the use of a cable. To wind the car mileage in this case was not something difficult. With the advent of electronic instruments, certain difficulties appeared, but they also learned how to bypass them.

Why do it

Odometer reading is underestimated for various reasons, including:

  • wheels of a different diameter are installed on the machine. In this case, the speedometer is adjusted;
  • Some models of cars, after passing a set distance, require a mandatory visit to the service station. An error appears on the dashboard. In order not to go through the service, they just run a run;
  • make adjustments required for those machines that initially count the distance traveled in miles;
  • in rare cases there is a complete replacement of the dashboard. After that you have to adjust the mileage for real values.

Despite the points presented, the main reason for twisting the mileage on the car are fraudulent activities aimed at extracting the benefits from its sale. Thus, it is possible to “rejuvenate” the car for several years. To understand how not to fall for the tricks of fraudsters, before buying a used technical tool, you should learn the valuable advice of professionals.

How to identify a modified mileage

Make the right choice of a used car is quite difficult, especially when it comes to expensive brands. If the odometer readings were changed correctly, then it is almost impossible to learn about interference with electronics.

Using some tricks, you can quickly identify a “rejuvenated” car, paying attention to indirect moments:

  • A well-worn saloon speaks not only about the owner’s carelessness, but also raises suspicions about the high mileage. If the steering wheel is heavily worn, the inscriptions on the controls are invisible, worn out rubber bands on the pedals, and the mileage is only 15-30 thousand km., So buying a car can be unsuccessful.
  • Brake discs are in a worn condition with a small run – this indicates fraud.
  • With a long period of operation of the car on the front of the body (in the area of ​​the hood) appear chips, the lights become dim.


To surely be confident in the accuracy of the information from the speedometer, you must check the VIN code of the machine. Thanks to these 17 characters you can find out its detailed history. Specialists of our company perform this procedure quickly, and on the basis of the generated report, it is possible to look not only at the actual mileage, but also at possible accidents, legal cleanliness. ), then you can safely buy a car. It will be able to work stably for several tens of thousands of kilometers, without requiring any costs.

Based on the VIN code, a comparative characteristic of a particular brand of car with its counterparts is made. Additionally, the history of the increase in mileage is monitored, its intensity is determined at a certain period. Using this information, you can say for sure whether a successful purchase was made or the new owner was deceived a mile away.

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