Cars doubles and cars without body number


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Cars doubles and cars without body number

15.04.2019 Car It is important to know Tips 0

Legal fraud in the sale of cars

A significant amount of motor vehicle sales in the secondary market is formed on the basis of several factors: on the one hand, there is a great demand for high-quality and low-cost vehicles; on the other hand, there are many car owners who sell their cars to buy newer ones, with an official warranty and zero mileage. The used vehicle market is able to offer a choice suitable for almost every customer, but a natural desire to save requires compliance with a number of safety rules.

Buying a car in the secondary market requires careful study of selected models of cars and their configuration. The more interesting the proposal looks, the more carefully it needs to be checked. Used cars have their own history, which must be known and taken into account when deciding on their purchase.


The phenomenon of “doubles”, “brothers” and “sisters” in the modern car market

The modern car market attracts not only those who want to sell / buy a used vehicle. When choosing and buying a car there is a chance to become a victim of an unscrupulous seller, and even a fraudster. In case of bad faith of the person selling the car, it may be concealing the features of the technical condition of the selected model. In the case of fraud, there is a chance to buy a car “twin”.


Double car – a common technique that scammers use when trying to sell a car with a negative history. The essence of the scam is to try to deceive the verification of the VIN code. To do this, look for cars with similar parameters – model, release date, color, and so on. On the car, put up for sale, change (interrupt) the number of the body. Verification of the VIN code received “double” will give information about the original car (with a clean, positive history).

Buying a car “with hands” should pay attention to the strange behavior of the seller. Do not chase the low price at which the seller is looking for reasons not to go through the procedure of re-registration of the vehicle. Be careful! Note that the auto-twin identified in the future will be confiscated. The person who manages such transport automatically falls under suspicion.

Scam “car with a bodyless”

The nuances of operation, long idle time in the garage, the fact of participation in an accident, etc. – can lead to the loss of a number on the car body. The registration certificate of such a vehicle is marked with the destruction of the body number, which does not interfere with its further operation. Unprofitable businessmen and fraudsters often try to use the special features of the situation with unmeasured cars.

Buy a car without a license is quite simple. In some cases, the hijacking of a car and its finding by law enforcement officers with the already destroyed body number and the allegedly “disappeared” technical passport is simulated. The vehicle is returned to the owner, the data sheet is restored, marked as non-dimensional.

This scheme allows for a new technical passport to sell cars of a similar model, color and release date, but with an “undesirable” history. At best, it will be a non-customs vehicle, which is further exploitation time, will be at risk of identifying this fact.

Ways to identify “twins” and other sources of future trouble

To purchase legally clean cars in the secondary market, you need to thoroughly check its history. You need to be sure that you are selling exactly the vehicle whose history you studied. The main indicator that everything is normal with the purchased vehicle is the official re-registration of the car. The examination carried out in the process of this re-registration will reveal the manipulations with the number of the body.


There are cases when, for whatever reason, it was decided to do without re-issuing the car in the registration authorities. Even with this option it is possible to protect yourself. You need to spend a little time and money and order a body expertise. According to the results of the examination issued a statement on the stamp form. The procedure itself is not worth much money and does not take much time. The resulting document is an insurance against possible troubles in the future, acts as a guarantee that you acquire a legally clean car.

All the advice of experts agree on one thing: if the seller finds reasons to do without renewal and does not want to spend time and money for expertise, it is worth refusing the deal, no matter how tempting the offer looks. And, of course, it is worth refraining from acquiring a car with a non-dimensional body from strangers. In the future, such savings can lead to major troubles.

We wish you a successful choice of your future iron horse and attractive, profitable and legally clean proposals in your search. To check the history of the car by VIN code – contact the specialists of our service Carvin-info.

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