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TOP 5 safe cars

Safety is what you should first of all pay attention to when choosing and buying a car. Manufacturers themselves are focusing on this when developing a new model of a car, while improving its security system. But it cannot be said that one or another car will be 100% safe and will definitely save you…
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Search ads and call the seller

Every person who intends to buy a used car should pay attention to the first two points: search for ads on the Internet and other information about car sales offers and of course the call and communication with the owner of the vehicle being sold. To make it clear what is at stake, consider these…
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Cars doubles and cars without body number

Legal fraud in the sale of cars A significant amount of motor vehicle sales in the secondary market is formed on the basis of several factors: on the one hand, there is a great demand for high-quality and low-cost vehicles; on the other hand, there are many car owners who sell their cars to buy…
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How to steal cars: be careful

In the developed countries of Europe, the number of car thefts is gradually decreasing. On the one hand, this is facilitated by modern methods of protecting vehicles, and on the other, by the well-being of citizens. At the legislative level, there is a serious responsibility for such offenses. But this does not mean that the…
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TOP5 female cars

Modern life requires speed, time saving and mobility. Perhaps everyone agrees that before the woman behind the wheel caused surprise and talk about her, but now everything is different – avtoledi quite a common thing. Today, a wonderful “weak” sex is a worthy competition to the “strong.” And while men are skeptical look towards women…
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Odometer reading: car mileage

How to change the mileage on the car Despite the fact that in the yard in 2019, odometer readings on modern machines can be changed. This procedure is most often resorted to, if it is necessary to twist the mileage, in order to sell the car more profitably. Such manipulations significantly “improve” the technical condition…
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Inspection of the car before buying

Step-by-step instruction Faced with the issue of buying a car, citizens make a choice in favor of European used cars, believing that they are more reliable. Buying a car is always a lottery, but many problems can be avoided if you carefully inspect the car before you buy it. Make an appointment with the seller…
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