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Comparison of types of checks from Carvin-info

24.02.2019 CarVIN-info 0

Options for checking the car before you buy

The Carvin-Info service provides the service of checking the car’s VIN code so that you can find out detailed information about the history of the car before it is purchased.

Nothing will remain hidden – with a check from Carvin-Info, you can get a complete file of the selected car in 1 day and make sure that it is worth buying.

Now you can not rely on the seller’s stories about the mileage, condition and legal cleanliness of the car – but you must know everything, having a full report on your hands.

Carvin-Info carefully analyzes all data from a variety of databases from different countries so that you can make the right decision when choosing a used vehicle.

The company Carvin-Info in the market of auto services is relatively recent. Analogues of our service are well-known Carfax, autoDNA, Carvin, AutoCheck, VIN-info and others. We carefully prepare audit reports and analyze all the information so that every day more and more motorists and people involved in buying and selling a car appreciate the comfort and quality of cooperation with us.

Standard and Full scan

So, you decided to insure your choice and order a vehicle check, before you there are 2 types of checking: Standard and Full checking.

The first thing they differ in is the cost and, of course, the amount of information received about the object being checked. Standard car check by VIN code costs 10 Euro. Full – 30 Euro.

Both reports are prepared within 1 day and are submitted electronically in English or Russian (optional).

Full check is more expensive, but it covers the full range of information about the car. Ordering a standard check, you get all the same quality and meaningful information, with the exception of a few items.

So, regardless of the type of auto history check selected, the report contains data such as:

  • Brand, model, year of manufacture
  • Grade cars
  • Specifications
  • The presence of encumbrances (bail, fine)
  • Check for hijacking and arrest
  • Check for participation in an accident
  • Latest officially known odometer reading
  • Data on the average mileage of similar cars (for comparison)
  • Additional information regarding the history of a particular vehicle (if any).

Such information you receive when ordering both Standard and Full vehicle checks.

In the full test, the cost is higher due to studies that complement it with such data:

  • The history of recorded odometer readings with a check for understatement (mileage falsification)
  • The history of repair (dates and a list of spare parts, repairs and planned maintenance, which were performed in the official service center).

It is important to note that the history of the recorded odometer readings can also be indicated in the standard verification report if the auto from the list is checked: AUDI 1993 -…; BMW 2000 -…; BMW Motorrad 2000 -…; RENAULT; SEAT 1995 -…; SKODA 1999 -…; VOLKSWAGEN 1993 -… And with respect to these cars – you can order a full check.

If you are interested in the item on the history of repair – it is available only in the Full check.

If the car you want to check is not listed in the Full check list – then you can order only a standard check, and believe me, you will receive high-quality, detailed information.

Tracking machine history

Cars from any place on the planet, regardless of the country of registration or residence, are to be checked, be it the USA, Italy, Germany, France, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal and others.

To generate a report, we use a powerful array of closed databases, which in one way or another contain information that you will be interested in regarding the vehicle being checked.

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