Inspection of the car before buying


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Inspection of the car before buying

09.02.2019 Car It is important to know Tips 0

Step-by-step instruction

Faced with the issue of buying a car, citizens make a choice in favor of European used cars, believing that they are more reliable.

Buying a car is always a lottery, but many problems can be avoided if you carefully inspect the car before you buy it. Make an appointment with the seller is on daylight and not in the parking lot, cluttered with machines, and in an open area.

What to bring to view the car:

  • small flashlight;
  • a magnet that will help identify the places that put a layer of putty;
  • mirror;
  • several screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • It would not be superfluous to take along for inspection a person who understands technical issues.

When inspecting a car, it is important to identify three main areas of inspection:

  1. Legal due diligence;
  2. Visual inspection;
  3. Check engine and mechanisms.

How to check documents

Technical data sheet is the first thing you should pay attention to before buying. From this document you can gather the following information:

  • year of car manufacture;
  • date of registration;
  • body number – you need to check the numbers under the hood and under the passenger seat.

Checking the VIN code makes it possible to track all the actions that were performed with the car, the accidents that he had visited, and whether he was listed as a hijacker. VIN code consists of 17 characters and is applied in such places:

  • on the windshield;
  • on the engine under the hood;
  • on the driver’s door pillar;
  • under the floor covering near the driver’s door.

If the owner has a service book, then it is possible to check the history of the car, find out how regularly he serviced, and how many owners he had.

Visual inspection

For external inspection, the car must be clean, free of dirt and dust. If you sit down near the front headlight, you can assess the condition of the side of the car, notice dents, chips, scratches and other defects.

Under the stickers and additional accessories often hide defects. When viewed from a car in sunny weather, it is easier to consider its disadvantages. Doors, hood and trunk lid should close softly and with the same sound.

The gaps between the elements of the body – must be the same everywhere. For example the gap between the edges of the hood and the body, or the gap between the door arches and the door itself. Evaluate each joint visually and the gap – their uniformity will indicate that the part has not shifted and is in the factory position, which means that the integrity of the car probably has not been disturbed.

When choosing a vehicle, all hazardous areas should be inspected for corrosion, such as: sills, wheel arches, bottom, and wings. Doubtful places inspect with the help of a mirror.

During the inspection of the cabin it is important to look at:

  • upholstery integrity;
  • serviceability of seat adjusters, heating, condition of the seats;
  • how devices work;
  • under the rugs should be dry;
  • if the seat covers are tight, you can look under them.

The serviceability of electronics is better to check with a specialist before you buy a car, otherwise repairs can be quite expensive.

Engine inspection

Before turning on the ignition is to inspect the condition of the hose, check for rust on the engine. The engine should run smoothly, without jerks. A good engine should start without any problems in any weather and air temperature. It is worth asking the owner what oil was used.

It is imperative that before buying a car it should be checked at the police base to be sure of its legal purity.

Assess the technical condition of the car is easier using the services of the service station. There are more likely to find any defects and knock down the price of cars with mileage.

Do not forget to pay attention to the mileage and the authenticity of the odometer. Mileage may be undervalued. About how and why change the mileage cars – read here.

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