Chevrolet cars

Chevrolet was founded in 1911 by American entrepreneur William Durant and racer Louis Chevrolet. The first is the creator of another car company – General Motors.

In the current realities, Chevrolet is not an independent firm, but a division of GM. The main country that buys most of the cars from this manufacturer is the USA.

Chevrolet cars are divided into American models and models produced by the Korean division of GM DAT (General Motors – Daewoo Automotive Technologies), which has a direct connection with GM company acquired part of the group DAEWOO (DAEWOO Motors Co).

The lineup

During its long history, GM, under the Chevrolet line, has produced many cars that have won the recognition of users for their reliability, design and comfort.

Chevrolet brand models known today are: Tahoe, Epica, Evanda, Niva, Equinox, Lachetti, Aveo, Lanos, Camaro, Captiva, Cruze, Malibu, Matiz and others.

Large-scale demand in the global market has an SUV Chevrolet Equinox. In early 2018, he entered the top 10 sales leaders. In total, more than 220 thousand cars were purchased. The highlight of the model range of this brand is the Chevrolet Corvette. Its first copy was released in 1953. Everyone liked the machine so much that its new generations are coming off the assembly lines today. Fans of full-size pickups prefer the Chevrolet Silverado. More than 325 thousand copies were sold in the world.

Chevrolet VIN

To make it easy for car owners to find, manufacturers place the code in the following places:

  • on the engine shield;
  • on the front panel under the hood is attached a special plate;
  • driver’s side under the windshield;
  • under the trunk lining;
  • on the plate “TV”;
  • opposite the alternator pulley (right spar).

It should be understood that the location varies depending on the model.

Chevrolet VIN Code Specification

The first 3 symbols of cars of this brand (the so-called WMI part) are: KL1 (indicates the plant and the country of manufacturer – GM KOREA). From 2015, variations of KL7, KL8, KLN, KLY are also possible.

If the WMI VIN of the Chevrolet code consists of three digits, then this car is made in America.

The fourth character is responsible for the model: B – Tracker; C – Captiva; G – Malibu; J – Cruze; K – Spark; L – Epica / Evanda; M – Matiz (POL); N – Lacetti; S – Aveo / Kalos; T – Lanos; U – Tacuma (Rezzo); Y – Orlando.

The following symbols contain information about: type of drive and transmission; body type; engine’s type; toxicity rates; model year.

The VIN code symbol number 11 indicates the factory where the car was manufactured:

0 – CJSC “ZAZ” (Ukraine);
A – Asaka (Uzbekistan);
B – Bupyeong (Korea);
K – Kunsan (Korea);
I – (India);
C – Changwon (China);
W – FSO (Poland).

The characters numbered 12-17 in the VIN code of the car are its serial number.

Chevrolet code verification

To make the right choice and to buy a good car with a clean history, it’s not easy to compare the vehicle identification code with well-known data, but also to check the specific VIN code of the car for information about equipment, mileage, legal restrictions, facts of participation in an accident, repair history and maintenance, and other features of its history.

You should always check the full history of the car you are going to purchase. This will help save money, time and nerves.

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