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Volkswagen is a German automotive brand, founded in 1933. Its name translates as “people’s car”: it is a concept of the company that created reliable and affordable cars. But over time, Volkswagen’s priorities have changed a little: the quality and durability remained unchanged, but manufacturers began to work on the speed, comfort and safety of the models, so today you can find cars of this company in a different price category.

Variety of models

Over the history of the brand were created cars with different characteristics, but each of them was a breakthrough in its time. The Volkswagen record includes a front-wheel-drive Volkswagen Passat, a compact VW Golf, a sporty Volkswagen Scirocco, a 5-door Touran minivan, a Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet cabriolet and many other models that were easy to operate and also used modern technology.

Today, Volkswagen is actively working on electric vehicles – in April 2018, a racing car powered by an electric accumulator was developed, as well as experts created an electric crossover Volkswagen Roomzz with an unmanned control system.

VIN at Volkswagen

Regardless of the year of manufacture and brand of car, the VIN-code for Volkswagen models will be located on the rear wall of the engine compartment. It is applied by shock, so the number will not be erased during the operation of the car.

Since 1980, an identification number (VIN) has been introduced, which consists of 17 characters. But he may have one of the options – for the European or American market. In the first case (European market) the code is less informative – the characters from the 4th to the 6th (ZZZ) do not contain data. For use in America, the manufacturer filled these numbers with information on the model line, the type of engine used by the passive security system.

The first three characters (WNI) will indicate the manufacturer and country of production.

WMI options in the VIN-number of Volkswagen cars:

  • 1V1 – VAG (USA) USA
  • 1VW – VAG (USA) USA
  • 2V4 – Chrysler Canada Inc. (CAN) Canada
  • 2V8 – Chrysler Canada Inc. (CAN) Canada
  • 3VV – Volkswagen de Mexico SA de CV (MEX) Mexico
  • 3VW – Volkswagen de Mexico SA de CV (MEX) Mexico
  • 8AV – VAG (ARG) Argentina
  • 8AW – Volkswagen Argentina SA (ARG) Argentina
  • 8AX – Volkswagen Argentina S.A. (ARG) Argentina
  • 93U – Volkswagen do Brasil Industria de (BRA) Brazil
  • 9BW – VAG (BRA) Brazil
  • AAV – VAG (ZA) South Africa
  • W09 – Volkswagen Motorsport (D) Germany
  • W09 – Volkswagen Individual (D) Germany
  • WV1 – Volkswagenwerke AG (D) Germany
  • WV2 – Volkswagenwerke AG (D) Germany
  • WV3 – Volkswagenwerke AG (D) Germany
  • WV4 – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WV5 – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WV6 – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WV7 – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WV8 – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVA – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVB – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVC – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVD – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVE – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVF – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVG – VAG (SI) Slovenia
  • WVH – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVJ – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVK – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVL – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVN – Volkswagen AG (D) Germany
  • WVW – VAG (D) Germany
  • XW8 – Volkswagen Group Rus (LLC) (RU) Russia

Volkswagen Model Win Code Check

It is much cheaper to buy a car that has already been in operation than to buy a new model from the salon. Even with low mileage the car will cost much lower. But it is worth checking the car for compliance with its characteristics with the stated seller. This will help professional checking VIN-code, which will protect the buyer from fraud.

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