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Search ads and call the seller

16.04.2019 Car Tips 1

Every person who intends to buy a used car should pay attention to the first two points: search for ads on the Internet and other information about car sales offers and of course the call and communication with the owner of the vehicle being sold. To make it clear what is at stake, consider these points.

Search for suitable auto ads

The initial stage of finding suitable options for you means that the desired vehicle will optimally fit into the allocated budget. In addition to this, a car manufacturer (brand) is selected, which corresponds to the wishes of the buyer. Never spend all the money you buy to buy a car, because there will be additional costs for its design and bringing it to the technical state as much as possible. Such nuances should always be taken into account and form the budget for the purchase of a car so that this purchase does not create financial difficulties and thus does not disappoint.

It is worth knowing that buying a car is always associated with risks, because there are many scammers in this area. The classic scheme is a very low price. Do not pay attention to such ads, in most cases the machine is inoperative, or sellers will require an advance payment and then disappear. In very rare cases, used cars are put up by the real owner for a minimal price, due to the urgent need for money.

Be sure to analyze the ad, published on special sites. Usually they have a counter that reflects the number of views. If the car is set up more than a month ago and has a lot of views, it is worthwhile to be alerted immediately. As practice shows, good specimens with a clean history are bought instantly. By visiting any car market online or offline, this statement can be personally convinced.

Check on network scam

Also, when you have found suitable options, you should look for similar cars on other sites, or rather the same ones. If you find several ads with the same car, but with different data (for example: the location of the car, the phone of the owner, mileage, VIN code, and even the name of the owner) – you should be wary of these options, because it directly indicates that it is necessary to deal with fraudsters who abandoned their networks and are waiting for the victim.

Reseller or owner?

In order to understand whether the retailer is a retailer or a bona fide owner, we recommend using this method: copy the owner’s phone number specified in the ad, enter it in the search engine search form and “google”. If, in response, you were given more than 3 sites, during the transition to which you found that the same person sells or buys different cars using this phone number – this is a reseller. Buying a car from such a seller is not necessarily risky, but at a minimum you will not be able to get clear answers about a car that has not been exploited by the seller.

Do not believe the tempting expressions

In addition, what to look for when viewing ads – never believe everything written. It is enough to open any resource for the sale of vehicles, as soon as you can see well-known phrases – “not a bit, not beautiful”, “perfect condition”, “sat down and went”, “after a major overhaul”, etc. In 60% of cases, cars sold in Europe are in unsatisfactory condition, caused by many factors, mainly due to negligence of cars from previous owners and untimely or improper maintenance of the iron horse. Approximately 25% of used transport is in the “live” state, and only 15% is fully serviced and really well maintained.


When the search for ads gave the result, and you picked up the appropriate option, you must proceed to the next stage, which is a telephone conversation with the owner of the car.


It is important to understand that a conversation with the seller is an essential factor that will help determine reliable information about the vehicle if you ask the right questions. This way you can easily find out about bad options, thereby saving your time to travel for inspection and of course nerves. The call greatly narrows the range of interests, especially if the cars you like are far from you.

What you need to achieve from the owner:

  • This year of release. In some situations, you may encounter the fact that the seller indicates the wrong date of the machine’s exit from the conveyor. Therefore, you must ask to say the data specified in the data sheet. Many buyers only after making a purchase find out the real year of release. In order not to be in such a situation and to be confident in the accuracy of the data, you should use our service for checking the VIN-code of any vehicle.
  • Does the seller the owner, because the real owner will be able to tell more information than the intermediary. Even if the price is too high, you can always bargain.
  • How much time owns the transport. If it turns out that the car often changes owners, this means there are serious problems with its technical condition. No need to choose a car with 3+ owners, changed in a short time.
  • Have there been an accident? If the answer is positive, you need to know more about it – the severity of the incident, which parts were damaged and subjected to painting, whether the windows were replaced, who repaired, whether traces of accidents are visible after recovery. You can always get detailed information about traffic accidents with us.
  • The presence of keys. If the car is modern, then it has special keys that are expensive to order independently.
  • What changed and where the car was serviced (authorized dealer, the average service station or a simple garage). It is worth asking as much as possible about the damage to the vehicle, whether the error is on the instrument panel (or other messages of the on-board computer) whether it is necessary to repair certain parts now. If the service was carried out by the dealer, there should be a service book and records in the database.
  • Does the owner agree to a trip to the service station to assess the technical condition of the car. If you heard a refusal – it means that you should end the conversation, because a bona fide owner always knows all the pros and cons, so he is ready to go to a meeting and promote a full-fledged inspection of the car.
  • Another important point is the clarification of whether all systems function in a car, namely: whether the engine runs smoothly (if the speed does not jump in it), the state of the braking system, the engine cooling system, whether the gearbox is stable (transmission), whether ABS is active, stability control, power steering, lighting, heater, beet lifters, what is the condition of the car tire (if wheel alignment is configured) and so on. These questions are just as important, but they can be asked already when examining a car, they will help determine the overall condition of the car and clarify the final cost. After all, for example, if an air conditioner is provided in a car, but it does not work (does not cool the air) allegedly because of the need to just refill its system with freon, it is important to think about the efficiency of the air conditioning system and why the owner of the car did not refill the air conditioner, which is not expensive and at any station, instead it goes with idle air conditioning. Most likely in this example – you can not do refilling the air conditioning system in the car, and you will need to carry out its diagnosis and repair. The same applies to the stability of the engine, allegedly due to poor-quality fuel or other factors – it is worth considering.

This material is aimed at choosing the right car in the absence of experience making such purchases. Adhering to the above recommendations, it will be possible to buy a car of proper condition and to exclude the possible purchase of vehicles with hidden flaws or technical breakdowns.

If the car in all these parameters showed itself perfectly, and the owner contributed to his inspection and verification – this is a good car and will serve you as a reliable, loyal friend.

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