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TOP 5 safe cars

21.04.2019 Car Tips 1

Safety is what you should first of all pay attention to when choosing and buying a car. Manufacturers themselves are focusing on this when developing a new model of a car, while improving its security system. But it cannot be said that one or another car will be 100% safe and will definitely save you from something, safety also depends on the driver himself. In the world there are many independent expert organizations that test cars for different criteria. And automakers are diligently trying to ensure that their cars get the maximum marks when checking. Among such independent organizations, EuroNCAP has the greatest authority.

Security Testing at EuroNCAP

EuroNCAP has made a huge contribution to the development of auto security. This organization is constantly increasing and tightening its requirements for automakers when testing a vehicle. Therefore, a car that received the maximum rating a few years ago may not pass the test today. Thus, EuroNCAP encourages them to improve and improve the cars produced. Many experts believe that with the help of EuroNCAP you can assess the real level of safety of any car. Among all the tests, there are several main ones that indicate professionalism and thorough vehicle checks.

  • Frontal hit. To carry out such a test, the car accelerates to 64 km / h and then collides with an aluminum surface. With this impact, it touches 40% of the width of the car from the driver’s side. In real crashes, such a blow occurs more often than a head-on collision.
  • Side impact on the wagon. This test uses a speed of 50 km / h and an angle of 90 degrees. The car, which is located on the wagon, is beaten against a pole, the speed is already 29 km / h. This test is very important, as 25% of injuries are fatal in a side impact.
  • Whiplash injuries. This is a test to check for a rear impact. To test using special sensors and a chair. When you hit the car from behind a person suffers neck.
  • Child safety. It occupies a special place when checking and experts on testing thoroughly study the active security system.

This is only a small part of the tests that are conducted by the organization. Her verification approaches are comprehensive. EuroNCAP draw attention even to such a trifle as the instruction manual of the car, so that it is correct and accessible to everyone. Of course, not every vehicle is tested from EuroNCAP, but there is much to grow and strive for automakers.

The most important safety aspects at EuroNCAP are: adult safety, child safety, pedestrian protection and the effectiveness of additional safety systems.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that EuroNCAP is testing cars exclusively as standard. Based on the operation of the equipment and the corresponding security systems, the car receives a final grade.

The safest auto 2018 version EuroNCAP

Below will be presented the cars that entered the top 5 safe cars for 2018 by the decision of the organization EuroNCAP.

Volkswagen Arteon

Among the executive class cars is Volkswagen Arteon. Auto for the above 4 positions received 96%, 85%, 85% and 82%.

Volvo XC60

Among overall SUVs, the winner was the Swedish Volvo XC60. He received such points 98%, 87%, 76% and 95%.

Volkswagen T-Roc

Among the compact SUVs, the highest marks received Volkswagen T-Roc.

Volkswagen Polo

Among the small class cars, the Volkswagen Polo model also won.

Subaru XV and Impreza


And among compact family cars, Subaru won a victory, moreover with two of its models at once, these are XV and Impreza.

Maybe for some, this top will be unexpected, but experts assure that it is impossible to bribe EuroNCAP and make it put the rating higher than it actually is. If the car is unsafe and has a number of problems, EuroNCAP will definitely publish all the results, so that automakers improve the security system of their cars, and drivers can make the right choice when buying a car.

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