The history of the VIN code


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The history of the VIN code

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When the VIN code appeared

In the middle of the last century, the rapid development of the automotive industry began and there was a need to streamline all the cars and spare parts for them. To this end, large American manufacturers began to assign each car a unique number and stamp it in certain places. It took 30 years until the American National Road Safety Association established the rules for the formation of a VIN car and in 1981, obliged all car companies to use it.


What does the VIN code

Each car has only one wine code consisting of 17 characters. It is unique for a particular car, car of the same color, model, year of manufacture and configuration will have a different number.

Consider how the identification number of the car is decrypted:

  • WMI – the first three characters indicate the country of manufacture of the car and the company-manufacturer;
  • VDS – the following six characters describe the car model, body type, transmission, engine, power system, location of the steering wheel, drive;
  • VIS – eight characters, including the model year and release from the conveyor, as well as information on the assembly site.

You can see these 17 characters on the auto passport and in the manual, but you also need to know where to look for the wine code in the car itself. There are no specific requirements regarding the placement of the code in the car, but manufacturers stamp it in those places that are least vulnerable during an accident.

Where to find the car’s VIN number

The most common point of application:

  • under the hood near the engine;
  • driver’s door;
  • on the windshield in a specially designated place;
  • under the floor near the passenger seat or driver.

What can you learn using this unique number

Knowing the VIN-code, you can find out the history of the vehicle, as well as the following data:

  • history of registration in state bodies (registration);
  • whether the car was involved in an accident;
  • whether the car is in search;
  • what is the real mileage;
  • Whether the car is the subject of a pledge.

The number of the body is compared with the DNA or fingerprints of a person, as it allows you to accurately determine the origin and data of the vehicle, check the history of cars and trucks, to avoid financial losses and problems with the law.

How to check the VIN-code

Before buying a car bu it must be checked by the VIN-code. For this, it is not necessary to use the database of the registering state authority. There is a convenient service for checking the auto code wines throughout Europe – CARVIN-INFO, where for a nominal fee you can get comprehensive information about a used car and not become a victim of fraudsters. Our service works equally well to test cars from Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and many other countries, regardless of where the car is at the moment. This is doubly convenient for those who are going to drive cars for themselves – a preliminary check will save a significant amount on the trip.

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